About Dan Pease - Landscape Photographer

  I was born and raised in Weed, California at the base of Mount Shasta, so often times our vacations were camping trips in the mountains. My father had an 8mm camera that he used to document those vacations, as well as birthdays and holidays. When I was eleven or twelve years old, I became interested in cameras, and it wasn't long before I talked him out of that 8mm movie camera. He was not happy about how much film I used taking pictures of sunsets, but I was hooked. Over the years I have taken many photographs using a 35mm camera I borrowed from my father-in-law, as well as many other 35mm cameras, until a few years ago when I "went digital" and began using a Nikon D90, which I now use.

  Photography gives me another way of seeing the world. We can all go to beautiful, interesting places, but photographs can be a way for us to see and enjoy smaller pieces of the world.

  I have lived in Idaho since 1965 when I relocated here to attend college, after spending four years in the Navy as a mental health therapist. I obtained a Masters Degree in Counseling, and worked as a therapist for a number of years before spending the past thirty years as a professional farrier.  

  I now live in Marsing Idaho, as does my daughter, with her husband, and my two grandchildren.